Aquamarine Rings – Beauty Like You’ve Never Seen Before

One of the reasons that aquamarine rings are cherished by people far and wide is a direct result of their shocking magnificence. I think it is the profound blue-green hues of aquamarine rings that are absolutely beautiful. These are the birthstones of all the March babies out there as well as the zodiac sign for you Pisces.

A Quick History of Aquamarine Rings

The word aquamarine is derived form the Latin aqua marina meaning water of the sea which was adapted from their mesmerizing maritime color.  Aquamarine is a part of the beryl family which includes other popular gemstones such as emerald and morganite. Aquamarine stones can be found in countries such as Brazil, Sri Lanka, and the darker version (maxixe) can be found in Madagascar.

To guarantee that each aquamarine ring can withstand ordinary wear and little bumps, they are often accompanied by gold settings or sterling silver settings but white gold settings are getting to be exceptionally prominent. Vintage aquamarine rings are also seeing a revival in the recent years. Most vintage rings will either be set in white gold or platinum. Another type worth mentioning is emerald cut aquamarine rings which show of the gorgeous colors perfectly.

How to Care for Your Aquamarine Ring

It is imperative to be cautious with aquamarine rings because they can get small cracks in them. These cracks can get much more serious if the stone is hit with a hard objects. It is crucial to know that aquamarine wedding rings fade over time if they are worn outdoors for long periods of time. They fade slowly over time so it may be difficult to notice.

After a few days or weeks of showing off your new aquamarine ring, it starts to lose it’s sparkle and begin to look a bit dirty? Don’t stress, it simple just needs to be cleaned. You can use any of the jewelry cleaners available today, but our suggested homemade jewelry cleaner would do just fine; just plain soap and water. Avoid soaking your ring for too long in any liquid which ranges from water to ultrasonic jewelry cleaner.

Buying Aquamarine Rings

Simulated aquamarine is very uncommon, because it really costs more to create a simulated aquamarine ring than it does a true one. Despite the fact that simulated aquamarine engagement rings aren’t around much, you should still request a certified gem report to make sure that your ring is genuine.

These rings are available anywhere you can think of and will surely compliment your existing jewelry collection. As always, we recommend purchasing rings from reputable providers, and aquamarine engagement rings are no exception. Head over to Zales to purchase a high quality, and affordable aquamarine ring.