Pearl Engagement Rings: The Perfect Substitutes for Diamonds

If your loved one is not a fan of diamonds, or you’ve both simply decided that it was too much money to spend for a ring, there are many options left for you. You can always buy a ring with some other precious or semi-precious stone, but if you have a sophisticated taste, you could opt for pearl engagement ringsContrary to common belief, pearls do not bring bad luck.

Pearl Engagement Rings Are Beautiful Gifts From Nature

Pearls have always been attracting attention with their beautiful reflection and mild diffusion of colors. Beauty of pearls cannot be compared to anything else in the world.

People had recognized the value of this beautiful creation of nature a long time ago. History is filled with stories and legends about beauty, value and elegance pearls bring along. Different civilizations assigned them various magical features, and for a long time pearl wedding rings were a privilege of royal families.

A pearl is a symbol of faith, love, happiness and abundance

In most of the cultures pearls had a symbolic character. In China and Japan, pearls symbolize fortune, wisdom and dignity. In India, pearls represent blessing with children.

In the Islamic cultures pearls symbolize virginity. Old Greeks and Romans also highly appreciated pearls. Pearls are referred to as gemstones in spite the fact that they are minerals. Pearls come from deep under the sea, with no human assistance and they symbolize purity and faith.

Pearl Facts

There are two main types of pearls:

  • Natural pearls
  • Only 20 sorts of oysters may, under certain conditions create a pearl. It occurs when a foreign object (sand, piece of shell, or a parasite) get into an oyster which activates its defense mechanism. The oyster then excretes pearly matter which, in a year or two creates a pearl. It is reasonable to say that pearls procured in this way, at the bottom of the sea, are rare and very hard to find. In the 18th century the demand exceeded supply so pear findings became exhausted. During 19th century it was almost impossible to find pearls. On Mosh’s hardness scale, pearls range between 3.5 and 4.
  • Conch Pearls are extremely rare, natural pearls found exclusively in Caribbean waters
  • Abalone pearls are some of the most unique and rare pearls on this Earth
  • Cultured pearls
  • Cultured pearls are not fake, they are made of the same material as natural ones, but under other conditions
  • Fake pearls are made of glass or plastic
  • The most famous among cultured pearls are Mikimoto pearls
  • Cultured pearls are divided into freshwater (from lakes and rivers) and saltwater pearls (cultured in salty waters)
  • Cultured pearls are divided into three further categories according to types of oysters and location of farms
  • Akoya (Pinctada fucata oyster)
  • Tahiti (Pinctada margeritifera oyster)
  • South Sea Pearls (Pinctada maxima)

Pearl Engagement Rings

Those exquisite pieces of jewelry are not so easy to find, they are created for refined customers. Not everyone can wear a pearl engagement ring. Pearls symbolize harmony and purity, even though pearls are not meant to last forever; they are associated with eternal love and fellowship.

What to Look for When Buying a Pearl Engagement Ring

If you decided to buy a pearl engagement ring for your loved one, there are several things you should pay attention to:

  • luster and nacre (luster is pearl brilliance which distinguishes pearl one from the other: nacre is the very essence of a pearl)
  • surface quality (natural pearls are not perfect, they have slight imperfections which make each pearl so unique)
  • color (pearls come in wide range of colors, choose according to preferences of the woman who will wear it)
  • size (price rises with size of pearl, bear in mind lifestyle of the wearer, too big pearl could be and obstacle for everyday wear
  • types: there are slight differences between saltwater and freshwater pearls, not to mention natural ones; natural ones are the most expensive, followed by saltwater pearls

Distinguishing Pearl Engagement Ring Styles

Black pearl engagement rings are attractive but sometimes not easy to wear, due to their size. They are glamorous and ideal for sensual and gentle women who will know how to wear these exquisite pieces of jewelry. Pearl engagement rings are not intended for those with adventurous lifestyle because extreme conditions might damage sensitive pearl. You should take the ring off before you go into shower, bath or for a swim.

How to Care for Pearl Rings

According to Mohs’ hardness scale, pearls belong to soft gems category, so they are prone to damage and wearing out. Pearls are safe in bezel settings which will prevent them from falling out.

  • Freshwater pearls are softer than Akoya, South Sea, and Tahitian pearls, and do scratch much more easily. Salt water pearls would be best choice for wear as they consist of 100% nacre. So, choose smaller pearl in fairly protective bezel and pearl engagement ring will last as long as any other.
  • Pearls are half drilled then inserted the bar of setting, secured by glue. That is why pearl ring should not be washed since water and other chemicals can get into the pearl and damage its nectar.
  • Never, ever use ammonia or vinegar to clean your pearls, as this will damage them. Only adequate way to clean your pearl engagement ring is to rub it with a soft cloth. For professional cleaning, consult your jeweler
  • Be aware that a pearl will change its color during time, due to the fact that pearls are organic materials and they absorb your bodily oils

What to ask Your Jeweler when Buying Your Wedding Ring?

  • Always ask to identify the pearl (it is essential to know whether the pearl is natural or cultured, because it affects the price greatly)
  • Ask for money back guarantee, warranty and possibility for repairs
  • Be sure to get a proper certificate of authenticity

Opal Engagement Rings: Everything You Need To Know


What is Opal?

The story behind all opal engagement rings begins 100 million years ago in central Australia which was covered with water.  This beautiful gemstone contains up to 10% water, as remains of the sea it originated from. Opal is made from silicon and water. The word ‘opal’ comes from the Greek word “opallos”, meaning “to see changes of color”.

There are several kinds of opal gemstones:

  •  Precious opal, which brings a full spectrum of rainbow colors
  •  Semiprecious opal is also beautiful, but not as shiny. It is suitable for jewelry making.
  •  Crystal opal is transparent-translucent and all it’s color layers are  visible to a naked eye.
  •  Pearl opal has a very distinctive milky color which diffuses into various hues, depending on the angle.
  •  Fire opal may be yellow, orange, even bright red.
  • Black opal is by far the most valuable and appreciated. Its base is black, dark blue or dark grey, and it displays a broad spectrum of various colors .


The Crown of the Holy Roman Emperor was decorated by an Orphanus Opal stone and legend says that although white as snow, it shimmered in all colors of red wine. This stone was looked upon as a guardian of the emperor’s honor.

The ancient Romans thought of opal stones as signs of love and hope. Oriental nations called it “the anchor of hope”.

  • Opal Brings Love to the Faithful Ones

Throughout history Opal never stopped to amaze with its unique sparkling array of color. Opal is considered to be as “beautiful as sin” and it’s believed to bring love to faithful owners.

  • The Burning of Troy 

The old Greeks believed one who carries opal can foresee his future.

The Burning of Troy, named upon the old Greek legend, was a beautiful black opal stone with hint of green and red fire burning inside of it. It is probably one of the most famous pieces of jewelry because it was given to Josephine by Napoleon, as a sign of his eternal love. Today, opal can also be found among French Crown Jewels. Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra, allegedly wore opal in order to attract Marc Anthony. In the Middle Ages, people believed that opal protected them from infections, bad influences and that its colors pointed out to the owner’s good or bad health. In 18th century it fell out of fashion, until Queen Victoria started wearing it.


If you are a history fan, a person looking for a deeper meaning of a precious stone you are going to give to your loved one, then you should definitely go for opal. Diamonds may be girl’ s best friend, but opal is so original, authentic and uncommon that it will leave her breathless. Not to mention that it is much more affordable.

Opal engagement rings are not only a great alternative to diamond rings; they are really astonishing pieces of jewelry. Opal does not have to be multi-faceted like diamond, nature already made them as perfect as they can be.


  • Always pick a bezel setting, it is necessary to protect the gem from damage and to secure it in place. Setting needs to be valuable, and in a color which goes well with opal color.
  • Not all opals have same wearing-resistance, black, white and crystal opals are suitable for rings, but a boulder opal seems to be the ideal choice for an engagement ring due to its robust nature and beautiful original shapes.
  • Always pick stones with convex cut top, smooth domed and polished, because it would be less prone to impact damage.
  • The cost of opal engagement rings may wary depending on opal size, color and bezel setting.
  • Genuine opal goes well with both yellow and white gold.
  • The best opal engagement rings are those with greatest display of colors.


Boulder (Australian) opals are considered to be second most appreciated opal variation. Boulder opal stones display beautiful color games due to brow ironstone layer at the back of the stone. The most appreciated opals are black and fire.


  • First of all, be cautious where you plan to purchase the ring, many fake (lab created) gems are sold nowadays.
  • If it is cheap, it is not real (you cannot buy natural stone for $100).
  • Establish authenticity (reputable jewelers will provide you with a certificate of authenticity, together with a photograph of the stone and its detailed analysis). This is essential for insurance purposes, or in case your ring gets stolen..
  • Check twice and be sure you are getting adequate value for the price you are paying.
  • If you are buying an opal engagement ring online, be sure to get money back guarantee and secure card processing for payment online.

The best jewelers that we have found for opal engagement rings are They are authentic, very reputable and their prices are a steal!




Opal engagement rings are not indestructible like diamonds, they are bit softer than ruby engagement rings and from time to time should be gently washed in mild water without chemical’s. You have to treat it with care and respect.

Opal is prone to cracking from drying caused by extensive heat and from sudden changes in temperature. Opal engagement rings are delicate and should be taken care of But do not worry, opal is as hard as jade and amethyst and it ranks five or six on scale of mineral hardness, whereas diamonds rank at 10.


An Opal’s energy is amplified in October and November so now is the perfect time to choose one for your loved one.

If you decided to propose to your loved one with a gorgeous, antique looking opal engagement ring, you would cherish her unusual nature, sensibility and elegance.

Not everyone can wear an opal. Opal is sensual and gentle, just like your fiancé.

If you a looking for a more vibrant ring to represent your partner then check out rose gold engagement rings

Yellow Gold Engagement Rings Mimic Tradition

Yellow gold engagement rings have not been around as long as others but they were carried on the shoulders of the popularity of gold. Traditionally, gold has always been considered among the worlds most precious metals. Its beauty shines brightly with royal and divine character.

Gold represents an absolute perfection, wealth, and eternal love for the one it is given to. Gold represents fertility and birth of a new life, because it shines with the light of the Sun.

Gold engagement rings represent the intention to spend the rest of your life with whoever you give it to.

Everything about gold is good, such as gold age, golden years, gold anniversary. A person with a heart of gold is also good as gold.

Have you noticed a trend here? Gold Is Good! Stop wasting your time and go get one here

If you’re the type who wants ALL the information then continue reading.


An engagement ring is a long lasting symbol, even the material it is made of symbolizes eternity. Engagement rings are not made of gold only to make them precious but also due to the fact that gold is everlasting, as your love and marriage should be.

Wearing yellow gold engagement rings or any other engagement ring indicates you are soon to be married. But, where does this custom come from?

The ancient Egyptians wore a silver wire around their third finger of the left hand hoping that in this way the ring would be connected directly to their heart. Women in the Old Greece wore gold engagement rings given by their husbands as a sign of their “purchase and rightful ownership”. Brides were allowed to wear rings made of gold only during wedding ceremonies or on some special occasions, otherwise they would wear an iron one.

Gold has always been known as a symbol of luxury and prominence, one of the oldest forms of currency in history. Beside all its obvious qualities, gold is so precious because it cannot be generated by a machine.


In 1477, Archduke Maximilian of Austria proposed to Mary of Burgundy with one of the only yellow gold engagement rings at the time and since then, it never came out of fashion. There is no exact data, or drawings of this ring, but it is considered to be a yellow gold engagement ring with flat pieces of diamonds in the shape of an “M.”

In 1866, Charles Tiffany from “Tiffany& Co” created a milestone for all future engagement rings, a perfect solitaire diamond held by six barely visible claws, settled on an elegant yellow gold band.
It is believed that splendor of yellow gold engagement rings represent the quality of future married life.


The karat system is used to indicate the percentage of pure gold in a piece of jewellery. Higher karat amount discloses purity of gold content.

  • 24 karat gold contains 99.9% of gold,
  • 22 karat gold contains less than 91.7% of gold,
  • 18 karat gold contains 75% of gold,
  • 14 karat gold has 58.2% purity

Don’t be misled by pure gold content, because items made of 24k and 22k gold are softer, less durable and are not suitable for jewelry crafting.

Yellow gold engagement rings are most likely made from 18k and 14k gold, because alloy mixtures will give it durability, and decrease possibility of damage. The sign of this “fineness” may be stamped onto the items.


First of all, you have to know that there is no such thing as “white gold”. Gold is yellow and the white color is accomplished by a mixture of different metals like nickel, rhodium and platinum.

Every ring is purchased to complement the person who is going to wear it, so when you are deciding between yellow gold engagement rings and white gold engagement rings, there a few things you might consider:

  • Allergy issues
  • White gold sometimes contains nickel which can cause severe allergy reaction
  • Yellow gold is mixed with copper and zinc which are hypoallergenic
  • Appearances
  • If your future wife to be has a warm skin tone, a yellow gold ring would be a perfect fit
  • Price
  • White gold is more expensive than yellow gold due to its more expensive alloys
  • White gold wears off over time and needs to be re-plated, yellow gold only needs to be polished from time to time
  • Yellow gold looks elegant and gives a nice contrast to colored gems


Yellow gold engagement rings might not be at the peak of its popularity right now, its fate has always been volatile, but its beauty has never been disputed. It looks glossy and rich.

Do not forget that engagement rings are not all about the rock, there is also something very precious and beautiful holding it, the golden band. Believe it or not, before gems became so popular and a “must have” accessory to jewelry, beautiful handmade and carefully crafted yellow gold engagement rings were the best money could buy. While trends change, yellow gold seems to be eternal.


  • Pick the right place, but also the right time! Avoid purchasing engagement ring around Christmas and Valentine’s Day, because these days are busiest for jewelers, so it’s likely you won’t get their full attention. If you end up shopping for an engagement ring around these times then purchasing a ring online from would be your best bet.
  • Choose a provider with good reputation and use firsthand experience from your friends and family
  • Ask for their warranty, repair and money back guarantee
  • If you decide to buy, also be sure your receipt is properly filled, you could need it for insurance purposes or in case the ring get stolen

If you found the perfect ring from the collection of yellow gold engagement rings:

  • make sure that you know the right size, proposing with a ring too small or too big is not acceptable
  • pay attention to the delivery time, money back guarantee to ensure that you’re fully aware of the details of your purchase

Yellow gold engagement rings aren’t the most popular these days, but yellow gold will soon experience a comeback, and your fiancée will have a fine and unique piece of jewelry, like no one else.

When you commit to someone for the rest of your life, make sure to do it with an adequate ring. Yellow gold is traditional, and tradition never goes out of fashion.

Ruby Engagement Rings – Love Crystallized in Stone

Ruby Engagement Rings Represent Passion

Engagement is a traditional way of marriage commitment. Before you propose, you’ll need to buy an engagement ring. Your future wife will wear this specific ring till the end of her life, so be sure to choose an adequate one. The ring has to correspond to her wishes, her appearances and lifestyle. If your loved one has a lively, passionate personality, any one of the many ruby engagement rings will be a great companion through her life. It took you some time to find the perfect woman, so why not spend some more in pursuit for the perfect ring!

What is a Ruby?

Ruby, a famous precious stone, is well known from ancient tales and poems as one of the rarest precious stones on Earth and is a very red variant of Corundum gemstone. Its distinguishing red color may vary in wide range of colors from purple-bluish red to yellow-red. Ruby has always been related to the Sun and it was considered to be a great source of positive energy. Ruby is also famous for its hardness, as according to Mohs’ scale, it is preceded only by diamond.

Where Does it Come From?

This extremely rare gemstone (in nature, it takes hundreds, even thousands of  years for a ruby to emerge) was first found in India and Burma, today the deposits of this precious stone may be found in Sri Lanka, Kenya, Madagascar, Myanmar and Macedonia. The Pope himself wears a cross decorated with a Macedonian ruby.

The most precious rubies came from Mandalay, in Myanmar and they were called “Tears of Buddha”.

There are many legends about ruby stones. The Greeks referred to ruby as the “mother of all gems” while the Romans called it “flower among stones”.

What’s Its Secret Meaning?

One of many legends say that one who carries a ruby will never give up hope, even in utterly hopeless situations!

Back in ancient times, people believed that these precious stones could influence destiny so they made various amulets trying to attract positive energy and protect themselves from the bad.

Ruby is a symbol of freedom, dignity and magical strength. Besides protecting love and freedom, ruby also helps to regain lost love.

Vintage Ruby engagement rings symbolize a devotion to love and relationships. Even it’s own name (Rubella, lat. Red) associates with love. Its sparkling red color encourages feelings and unites lovers.

Tips for Buying Ruby Engagement Rings

There are several things you have to pay attention to when you decide to buy a ring from the wide array of diamond and ruby engagement ringsjewelers call it the rule of 4C:

  • Cut
  • Cutting style must reflect a correct proportion of dark and bright textures of the gem. There usual shapes of rubies are: Brilliant cut, Princess cut, Emerald cut, Marquise cut, Radiant cut, Cushion cut, Pear cut, and Heart cut. They are all beautiful, simply choose one you like the most
  • Carat
  • Ruby size is weighted in carats. The bigger the carat weight is, the more you should expect to pay for it. However, always choose quality over quantity. The number of carats does not always mean you will get the most beautiful stone.
  • Clarity
  • Most rubies have tiny flaws, but do not worry; it means the gems are natural. Natural stones have small imperfections, mostly not visible to the naked eye, while synthetic gems do not have impurities which actually give this beautiful color play to natural rubies. If you decided to pay a small fortune for a gem, pick a natural one! Although those synthetic ones look almost the same they can’t compare to natural, authentic ruby engagement rings.
  • Color
  • Ruby is all about color and it is even more important than its clarity. Rubies do not have a uniform hue; they are rather dispersed all over the stone. Look for a ruby with a medium shade, since those which are too bright or too dark are a little less valuable

Now that you know what qualities to look for in ruby engagement rings, head over to for the best quality engagement rings online.

The Engagement Ring Itself

When buying ruby wedding rings there few more things you should consider, like the ring itself.  Ring consists of two parts:

  • Setting which holds the gem
  • Be sure that the setting is made of a fine material like gold or platinum that will hold the gem in place. If you are purchasing a ruby engagement ring at the jewelry store, please consult the expert regarding the choice of setting because not all settings are convenient for all life styles
  • The band that goes around the finger
    • Size matters, so be prepared and bring one of her old rings to check for the right size
    • Choose the material which is durable, modern and which would go nicely with beautiful red ruby, like platinum or white gold. There a numerous band variations but you just choose the one your loved one would like the most
  • Always ask for certificate of authenticity. This will confirm that you are buying a real gem and could help a lot if the engagement ring gets stolen or lost. It is also convenient for insurance purposes
  • If you are looking at ruby engagement rings on the Internet, please consult with the web shop first, see whether they can provide you with authenticity certificate, money back guarantee and secure card processing online. Read all product details and customers reviews thoroughly.

Are Ruby Engagement Rings The Right Choice For You?

Ruby rings are rather rare and costly, and the prices may vary from a couple of hundred of dollars to several thousand. The price depends on the number of carats, the gems quality, size, clarity, cutting technique, color and the material that the ring itself is made of. Platinum can cost as much as four times as gold. Also, rubies can be beautifully supplemented by diamond domes or any other gem variations.

It is a very durable stone, it does not require any special care than usual washing in mild water to wash the dust away, and it will never lose it’s natural astonishing color.

Rubies are a symbol of an undying love, therefore one of the best solutions for an engagement ring.

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Are You A Match For Rose Gold Engagement Rings?

Right now, you’re keeping a secret from her. You’re going to ask her to marry you.

The only thing stopping you is picking out a ring that she will love… and that will perfectly match her personality. She’ll be wearing it for the rest of her life, after all.

Don’t stress – if you’re going to be spending the rest of your life with this woman, then you have plenty of time to pick and choose. There are a lot of different options, but if your wife has a lively personality, then you’re going to want to take a look at rose gold engagement rings.


The element gold is more of a yellow than a gold color. Not everyone wants to wear a yellow ring, so many jewelers dye the gold. The most common dyes are rose, red, and pink.

Rose gold is about 72% gold, about 25% copper, and about 3% silver.


You might be wondering why on earth you’d ever want to dull the band of a ring with copper.

Well, if you think about it, the main focus of the engagement ring is on the precious gem. (Choosing a stone is a whole different ball game – let’s just focus on the band for now. That’s what makes a ring a rose gold one.)

By diluting the eye-catching, in-your-face yellow color with copper, it lends greater contrast to whatever you pick as your stone – usually a diamond. So, although you are making the band duller, you are actually making the ring itself “pop” a little bit more.


By reading this article, you’re becoming educated on rose gold engagement rings. Not a whole lot of people are, though.

A lot of the time, companies – especially ones that sell online exclusively – won’t make the differentiation between rose gold, red gold, and pink gold. They’ll just say “colored gold” engagement rings.

This isn’t entirely accurate. It’s just them being lazy. While the percentages of copper are similar in each, they’re not identical.


This beautiful rose gold engagement ring is one of my favorites. The band features a design that is often seen in eternity rings and it really ads to this stunning piece of jewelry.

Ah… looking for the easy way out? Want someone to just tell you what your wife will like, and then take your wallet out?

It’s not that simple. You’re the only one that knows her that well, and the last thing you want to do is make the leap based solely on an opinion from someone else. (Recommendations are good, but they shouldn’t be final decisions.)

Visit any local jeweler, or website for rose gold engagement rings but be warned: you’re going to be hit in the face with a lot of different variations, many of which aren’t of quality. Take a step over to to see all the best quality rings that we have found online.

While you browse the rings over at Zales, ask yourself this:


If you feel certain that the answer is yes, then go for one of the many stunning rose gold engagement rings. We’d recommend getting one with a diamond – the two colors contrast well.

If you’re not 100% certain, then continue your search. No matter what you pick – whether it’s rose gold, pink gold, or even simple brass – we’re certain that she’ll love it.

Because she loves you.

Art Deco Engagement Rings – A Modern Twist on The Traditional

Art deco engagement rings, just like any other engagement ring, should have a lot of thought put in before purchase. The ring not only needs to fit your spouse’s finger and your financial plan, but it should likewise fit the style and personality of the lady to-be. In the event that the lady who you’re wanting to give this ring to is somebody who is strong and certain about who she is, consider picking her up one of the many styles of art deco engagement rings.

What Are Art Deco Engagement Rings?

These rings initially rose amid the 1920s and 1930s, a period where ladies started seeing themselves as free people who are completely equivalent to men. Art deco engagement rings best speak to this developed attitude with striking designs that basically yell all the confidence that the wearer has in herself.

Art deco engagement rings can be recognized by two qualities. To start with, by solid geometric outlines with the stones cut in triangles, squares, rectangles, and other comparative shapes. Additionally, by strikingly bold colors, regularly with distinctive differences. These two attributes can be seen together in solitary or differentiated as unique components of the class of engagement rings.

Due to the strong designs and colors of art deco engagement rings, diamonds are not generally the favored gemstones in these pieces, or at any rate not solely. Frequently, diamonds are situated against different gemstones with the end goal of striking differences. Jewelry dealers tend to incline to sapphires, emeralds, rubies, onyxes, and other vivid gemstones. The cuts are normally emerald cut, princess cut, and baguette.

Why Choose Art Deco Engagement Rings?

There are many reasons why these rings are so popular, which include:

beautiful art deco engagement rings

– Attention-grabbing: Art deco engagement rings are intended to be perceived, ideal for ladies who adoration being the core of attention.

– Creative: Brides who are inventive, unique, oAttention-grabbingr self-admitted non-conformists will without a doubt love this ring, provided for its remarkable and eccentric look.

– Eclectic: While these rings have a tendency to have striking designs and shades, they are additionally truly varied and can jive with the styles of many ladies.

How To Select The Perfect Art Deco Engagement Rings


A few elements you will need to think seriously about when looking for your ring are:

  • Ring size: Make beyond any doubt that the span of the ring will really fit your lady to-be. In the event that you need to keep the proposal an amazement, you can ask her companions or her family about what her ring size is.
  • Style: Make beyond any doubt that the ring you pick is something that really fits her style. Can you envision her wearing that ring? On the off chance that the mental picture doesn’t appear to be correct, its better to pick a ring with an alternate style.
  • Choose between certified antique and antique-styled reproductions. You can either decide on bona fide art deco engagement rings from the 1920s and 1930s, or pick a present day one that has been replicated in this style. For most pockets, the last is clearly the better alternative for you, since these are considerably cheaper than genuine antique engagement rings.

Art deco engagement rings are strong and lovely, ideal for spouses with a solid, true, and friendly style or identity. They may not be the most straightforward rings to discover, however your exertions will be worth the trouble if this style matches the sort of individual she is.

If you’re planning on sticking to the colorful look and feel but you don’t want to spend a fortune, then ruby engagement rings or rose gold engagement rings might be right for you!