Ruby Engagement Rings – Love Crystallized in Stone

Ruby Engagement Rings Represent Passion

Engagement is a traditional way of marriage commitment. Before you propose, you’ll need to buy an engagement ring. Your future wife will wear this specific ring till the end of her life, so be sure to choose an adequate one. The ring has to correspond to her wishes, her appearances and lifestyle. If your loved one has a lively, passionate personality, any one of the many ruby engagement rings will be a great companion through her life. It took you some time to find the perfect woman, so why not spend some more in pursuit for the perfect ring!

What is a Ruby?

Ruby, a famous precious stone, is well known from ancient tales and poems as one of the rarest precious stones on Earth and is a very red variant of Corundum gemstone. Its distinguishing red color may vary in wide range of colors from purple-bluish red to yellow-red. Ruby has always been related to the Sun and it was considered to be a great source of positive energy. Ruby is also famous for its hardness, as according to Mohs’ scale, it is preceded only by diamond.

Where Does it Come From?

This extremely rare gemstone (in nature, it takes hundreds, even thousands of  years for a ruby to emerge) was first found in India and Burma, today the deposits of this precious stone may be found in Sri Lanka, Kenya, Madagascar, Myanmar and Macedonia. The Pope himself wears a cross decorated with a Macedonian ruby.

The most precious rubies came from Mandalay, in Myanmar and they were called “Tears of Buddha”.

There are many legends about ruby stones. The Greeks referred to ruby as the “mother of all gems” while the Romans called it “flower among stones”.

What’s Its Secret Meaning?

One of many legends say that one who carries a ruby will never give up hope, even in utterly hopeless situations!

Back in ancient times, people believed that these precious stones could influence destiny so they made various amulets trying to attract positive energy and protect themselves from the bad.

Ruby is a symbol of freedom, dignity and magical strength. Besides protecting love and freedom, ruby also helps to regain lost love.

Vintage Ruby engagement rings symbolize a devotion to love and relationships. Even it’s own name (Rubella, lat. Red) associates with love. Its sparkling red color encourages feelings and unites lovers.

Tips for Buying Ruby Engagement Rings

There are several things you have to pay attention to when you decide to buy a ring from the wide array of diamond and ruby engagement ringsjewelers call it the rule of 4C:

  • Cut
  • Cutting style must reflect a correct proportion of dark and bright textures of the gem. There usual shapes of rubies are: Brilliant cut, Princess cut, Emerald cut, Marquise cut, Radiant cut, Cushion cut, Pear cut, and Heart cut. They are all beautiful, simply choose one you like the most
  • Carat
  • Ruby size is weighted in carats. The bigger the carat weight is, the more you should expect to pay for it. However, always choose quality over quantity. The number of carats does not always mean you will get the most beautiful stone.
  • Clarity
  • Most rubies have tiny flaws, but do not worry; it means the gems are natural. Natural stones have small imperfections, mostly not visible to the naked eye, while synthetic gems do not have impurities which actually give this beautiful color play to natural rubies. If you decided to pay a small fortune for a gem, pick a natural one! Although those synthetic ones look almost the same they can’t compare to natural, authentic ruby engagement rings.
  • Color
  • Ruby is all about color and it is even more important than its clarity. Rubies do not have a uniform hue; they are rather dispersed all over the stone. Look for a ruby with a medium shade, since those which are too bright or too dark are a little less valuable

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The Engagement Ring Itself

When buying ruby wedding rings there few more things you should consider, like the ring itself.  Ring consists of two parts:

  • Setting which holds the gem
  • Be sure that the setting is made of a fine material like gold or platinum that will hold the gem in place. If you are purchasing a ruby engagement ring at the jewelry store, please consult the expert regarding the choice of setting because not all settings are convenient for all life styles
  • The band that goes around the finger
    • Size matters, so be prepared and bring one of her old rings to check for the right size
    • Choose the material which is durable, modern and which would go nicely with beautiful red ruby, like platinum or white gold. There a numerous band variations but you just choose the one your loved one would like the most
  • Always ask for certificate of authenticity. This will confirm that you are buying a real gem and could help a lot if the engagement ring gets stolen or lost. It is also convenient for insurance purposes
  • If you are looking at ruby engagement rings on the Internet, please consult with the web shop first, see whether they can provide you with authenticity certificate, money back guarantee and secure card processing online. Read all product details and customers reviews thoroughly.

Are Ruby Engagement Rings The Right Choice For You?

Ruby rings are rather rare and costly, and the prices may vary from a couple of hundred of dollars to several thousand. The price depends on the number of carats, the gems quality, size, clarity, cutting technique, color and the material that the ring itself is made of. Platinum can cost as much as four times as gold. Also, rubies can be beautifully supplemented by diamond domes or any other gem variations.

It is a very durable stone, it does not require any special care than usual washing in mild water to wash the dust away, and it will never lose it’s natural astonishing color.

Rubies are a symbol of an undying love, therefore one of the best solutions for an engagement ring.

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