Say Yes to Gemstone Engagement Rings!

When you propose to your loved one, she is supposed to say “yes” to you but also to the ring she is going to wear every day, till the end of her life. First and most important ring you will ever buy is the engagement ring. You might think it was easier to find the perfect woman than the perfect ring. The engagement ring signifies your promise for long and happy life.

When the Day comes, every woman wants to wear a beautiful engagement ring which reflects her taste and character.

Every ring has its story and it is waiting the right woman to tell it to. Engagement ring should be subtle and different than other rings.  It’s simple round shape indicates endless love. Engagement ring may be made in various colors: white, yellow, matte, decorated with precious or semi-precious gems. It has to be tasteful and practical.

Why Practical?

Engagement ring is supposed to be worn every day, with all outfits and on all occasions. Therefore, it has to be made of quality materials (it has to be gentle yet strong).

Gemstone Engagement Rings

These days, engagement rings are decorated with gemstones. Engagement rings are very sentimental pieces of jewelry, and by adding a precious stone you will give a personal touch and deeper meaning to it.

First record of the engagement ring dates back to 15th century when Austrian Archduke Maximilian gave a ring to his fiancée before the wedding. Since then, that tradition has never been disrupted, and it is believed that 70% of women in the world are proposed with a specially selected ring.

Diamond engagement rings

Before we get into gemstone engagement rings, lets talk about diamond engagement rings, especially one with a single stone in a solitaire version. It symbolizes love, loyalty, durability and perseverance.

When buying a diamond ring you should always follow the rule of 4C’s:


  • A diamond can be cut into various shapes: Princess, Emerald, Marquise, Oval, Heart, Pear or  Baguette whereas the most popular is Round Brilliant Cut. Cut quality is very significant because ideal proportions better reflect light towards the eye giving the stone its famous diamond shine


  • Diamonds come in wide range of colors, colorless diamonds are extremely rare. Colored diamonds are called “fancy” diamonds. Among fancy diamonds, pink diamonds are the most popular fit for gemstone engagement rings


  • Diamond’s size is weighted in carats. Bigger the carat weight is, t is more expensive.  A carat weights 0,20g. Always choose quality over quantity. Number of carats does not always mean you will get the most beautiful stone


  • Perfectly clear diamonds are extremely rare , and they as all other precious stones have small inclusions

Why A Diamond Is Not Always The Best Choice?

Simply put, not everyone likes diamonds or is willing to spend a fortune on gemstone engagement rings, but there are numerous beautiful precious and semi-precious stones that could perfectly compliment the beauty of your future wife.

Even if you are on a budget, a small ruby, sapphire or opal can make a huge difference.

Each of the gemstone engagement rings are beautiful in their own way and it is important to know what message you will send with each.

These rings tend to be less expensive and sometimes more beautiful than diamond ones. They could even look more exclusive and authentic.

Gemstone engagement rings have character

Gemstone engagement rings have to correspond to a woman’s character and to compliment her.

If your loved one has an unusual nature, sensibility and elegance, then opal engagement ring would be the right choice.

Ruby engagement rings

They are perfect for passionate natured women who appreciate honesty and freedom. Rubies are usually presented in a round, cushion, or princess cut. They are also very hard, durable and not prone to damage.

Pearl engagement rings
They are unusually worn by delicate women, sensual devoted to family life. Pearl is a symbol of faith, innocence and honesty. Pearls may be natural and cultured. Cultured may have saltwater and freshwater origin. All are beautiful since they are all entirely organic, the only gem grown inside a living creature.


Sapphires come in several colors, green sapphires symbolize faithfulness, blue sapphires represent purity and spirituality whereas pink gems highlight wearer’s feminine nature. Sapphire rings are commonly cut in a round, oval, or cushion cut. They are hard almost as diamond.

Emerald Engagement Rings

Emerald engagement rings are not so common, even though during the history they had been very popular and appreciated by the royal families. They are softest among the precious gems and no flaw can diminish their beautiful green color. Emerald symbolizes faith and hope.

Show Some Effort, Look for a Birthstone

Many women would be flattered if they were proposed to with a gemstone engagement ring decorated with their birthstone.

A Birthstone is a gem which has a special meaning for a person born in a specific month.

  • Garnet for January (Commitment, honor,)
  • Amethyst for February (Spiritual contentment)
  • Aquamarine for March (Harmony)
  • Diamond for April (Eternity, purity)
  • Emerald for May (Faith and hope)
  • Pearl for June (Innocence, purity and wisdom)
  • Ruby for July (Liveliness, and a deep understanding)
  • Peridot for August (Grace, good fortune, and luck)
  • Sapphire for September (Fidelity/loyalty)
  • Opal for October (Artistic expression, intuition)
  • Citrine for November (Happiness, laughter)
  • Blue Topaz for December (Strength, creativity, success)

Style & Shine

Once you have chosen a gemstone engagement ring, you’d have to decide on the rings style.

Depending on a stone there is a variation of setting most suitable for it. Do you want only one stone, or should it be surrounded by smaller stones? Diamonds are beautifully complemented by rubies, but you would not want your opal to be over shadowed by another gem. For these matters ask for a professional advice at the store.

Also, you’ll have to choose the ring’s band. Yellow gold is more classic and elegant. It is durable and does not wear out. White gold is more expensive, but looks flashier. It wears down in time and needs to be re-plated.

If all this seems to be too confusing, remember this. According to many years of experience, jewelers claim that the first ring that men touch is the perfect one. Call it love at first sight.

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