Yellow Gold Engagement Rings Mimic Tradition

Yellow gold engagement rings have not been around as long as others but they were carried on the shoulders of the popularity of gold. Traditionally, gold has always been considered among the worlds most precious metals. Its beauty shines brightly with royal and divine character.

Gold represents an absolute perfection, wealth, and eternal love for the one it is given to. Gold represents fertility and birth of a new life, because it shines with the light of the Sun.

Gold engagement rings represent the intention to spend the rest of your life with whoever you give it to.

Everything about gold is good, such as gold age, golden years, gold anniversary. A person with a heart of gold is also good as gold.

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An engagement ring is a long lasting symbol, even the material it is made of symbolizes eternity. Engagement rings are not made of gold only to make them precious but also due to the fact that gold is everlasting, as your love and marriage should be.

Wearing yellow gold engagement rings or any other engagement ring indicates you are soon to be married. But, where does this custom come from?

The ancient Egyptians wore a silver wire around their third finger of the left hand hoping that in this way the ring would be connected directly to their heart. Women in the Old Greece wore gold engagement rings given by their husbands as a sign of their “purchase and rightful ownership”. Brides were allowed to wear rings made of gold only during wedding ceremonies or on some special occasions, otherwise they would wear an iron one.

Gold has always been known as a symbol of luxury and prominence, one of the oldest forms of currency in history. Beside all its obvious qualities, gold is so precious because it cannot be generated by a machine.


In 1477, Archduke Maximilian of Austria proposed to Mary of Burgundy with one of the only yellow gold engagement rings at the time and since then, it never came out of fashion. There is no exact data, or drawings of this ring, but it is considered to be a yellow gold engagement ring with flat pieces of diamonds in the shape of an “M.”

In 1866, Charles Tiffany from “Tiffany& Co” created a milestone for all future engagement rings, a perfect solitaire diamond held by six barely visible claws, settled on an elegant yellow gold band.
It is believed that splendor of yellow gold engagement rings represent the quality of future married life.


The karat system is used to indicate the percentage of pure gold in a piece of jewellery. Higher karat amount discloses purity of gold content.

  • 24 karat gold contains 99.9% of gold,
  • 22 karat gold contains less than 91.7% of gold,
  • 18 karat gold contains 75% of gold,
  • 14 karat gold has 58.2% purity

Don’t be misled by pure gold content, because items made of 24k and 22k gold are softer, less durable and are not suitable for jewelry crafting.

Yellow gold engagement rings are most likely made from 18k and 14k gold, because alloy mixtures will give it durability, and decrease possibility of damage. The sign of this “fineness” may be stamped onto the items.


First of all, you have to know that there is no such thing as “white gold”. Gold is yellow and the white color is accomplished by a mixture of different metals like nickel, rhodium and platinum.

Every ring is purchased to complement the person who is going to wear it, so when you are deciding between yellow gold engagement rings and white gold engagement rings, there a few things you might consider:

  • Allergy issues
  • White gold sometimes contains nickel which can cause severe allergy reaction
  • Yellow gold is mixed with copper and zinc which are hypoallergenic
  • Appearances
  • If your future wife to be has a warm skin tone, a yellow gold ring would be a perfect fit
  • Price
  • White gold is more expensive than yellow gold due to its more expensive alloys
  • White gold wears off over time and needs to be re-plated, yellow gold only needs to be polished from time to time
  • Yellow gold looks elegant and gives a nice contrast to colored gems


Yellow gold engagement rings might not be at the peak of its popularity right now, its fate has always been volatile, but its beauty has never been disputed. It looks glossy and rich.

Do not forget that engagement rings are not all about the rock, there is also something very precious and beautiful holding it, the golden band. Believe it or not, before gems became so popular and a “must have” accessory to jewelry, beautiful handmade and carefully crafted yellow gold engagement rings were the best money could buy. While trends change, yellow gold seems to be eternal.


  • Pick the right place, but also the right time! Avoid purchasing engagement ring around Christmas and Valentine’s Day, because these days are busiest for jewelers, so it’s likely you won’t get their full attention. If you end up shopping for an engagement ring around these times then purchasing a ring online from would be your best bet.
  • Choose a provider with good reputation and use firsthand experience from your friends and family
  • Ask for their warranty, repair and money back guarantee
  • If you decide to buy, also be sure your receipt is properly filled, you could need it for insurance purposes or in case the ring get stolen

If you found the perfect ring from the collection of yellow gold engagement rings:

  • make sure that you know the right size, proposing with a ring too small or too big is not acceptable
  • pay attention to the delivery time, money back guarantee to ensure that you’re fully aware of the details of your purchase

Yellow gold engagement rings aren’t the most popular these days, but yellow gold will soon experience a comeback, and your fiancée will have a fine and unique piece of jewelry, like no one else.

When you commit to someone for the rest of your life, make sure to do it with an adequate ring. Yellow gold is traditional, and tradition never goes out of fashion.