Amethyst Rings: The Power Of Purple Gemstones

Amethyst rings are glorious purple colored gemstones that sit upon beautiful settings from gold or silver, to platinum. Amethyst rings are said to hold many various powers and benefits, which is why they have been loved for so many centuries by powerful nations and church leaders alike. Read further to find out the history and background of the gem and then get the best advice for buying an amethyst engagement ring.


These beauties are made from the amethyst gemstone of course. This
stone’s color ranges from ranges from dull lilac colors to strong royal purple and are found in a few different continents around the world, including Africa, South America, and Australia. Amethyst is a purple variant of quartz and is of high quality. Amethyst rings are durable because the gem has a rating of 7 on Mohs scale which makes it a pretty hard stone.

Amethyst is the birthstone for those who are born in February or fall under the Pisces zodiac sign. Many people who wear amethyst rings do so because it’s their birthstone and because it’s a gorgeous companion to any piece of jewelry.



The word amethyst comes from the Greek word “amethustos” which means “not drunken”. The Greeks believed that the stone would help against drunkenness by preventing intoxication. The story of it’s origins is said to be:

The god of wine, Dionysus, was angry and swore vengeance against mortals who refused to get drunk and celebrate. His mode of revenge was by tigers and these tigers almost ate a young woman by the name of Amethyst. She survived because the goddess Diana turned her into crystallized quarts which the tigers couldn’t claw through.

Dionysus cried tears of wine at the sight of the crystallized young woman and the tears of wine caused the quartz to turn purple upon touching it. This began the myth that amethyst protected them from intoxication and till this day, the color purple still represents sobriety.


Amethyst jewelry was worn by many high officials because the color purple was considered a royal color. Queen Catherine The Great from Russia wore amethyst jewelry and even to this day, purple can still be found within British crowns.


Like other gemstones, amethysts have healing powers that are said to be given to it by mother earth. For this gem, the myth is that it has the powers to heal the mind, body and soul and acts as therapy for stress, pain, and depression. Placing an amethyst gemstone under your pillow is said to help you rest peacefully because it aids in eliminating nightmares.

They are also said to have physical healing attributes and can be used as remedies against toothaches, bone and joint problems, stomach pains, and even hearing problems.


 That’s enough with the history and background of these gorgeous gems. Lets get down to what’s important for you; what to look for when buying amethyst rings.


Amethyst rings are most loved for their gorgeous dark purple color but they can also have a very light purple hue. It isn’t extremely rare to come around a green amethyst ring but they don’t seem to be special to those who love amethyst rings.


It is highly recommended to get a clear amethyst ring because translucent, or semi-transparent, stones are of a lower quality. A clear amethyst gem allows for the most amount of light to pass through which creates a beautiful purple glow. A translucent amethyst stone is still beautiful but should be less expensive because of the slight drop in quality compared to a transparent one.


The stone itself is already fairly hard and durable but that doesn’t make it immune to breaking or wear and tear. We recommend paring it with a silver or gold setting, preferably a 10K or 14K gold setting. This will provide the most protection for your ring and help against damage.

Use the usual best ring care practices to help keep your amethyst ring in the best shape that it can be. This includes keeping it from unnecessary sun exposure; washing with soap and water or using a jewelry cleaner; and obviously, try to not bang the ring on hard places.

Amethyst engagement rings offer many benefits beyond their gorgeous purple hue, according to history. Whether you’re interested because of their healing powers or just because they look beautiful, you can’t go wrong with amethyst rings.

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